New Miva Training, Documentation and Resources for Developers

new series on writing modules for Miva Merchant and working with the Module API

Learning a new eCommerce platform is hard. There is no getting around it. New languages, new syntax…it all takes time and hands on experience to go from a complete novice to an eCommerce expert.

Here at Miva, we think Miva Merchant is the best developer platform available for building eCommerce websites. It has amazing flexibility, unparalleled security and allows you to do anything you can think of. Our goal is to get Miva Merchant in the hands of as many developers as possible. To achieve that goal we knew we needed to make learning how to build Miva Merchant websites and the Miva Template Language much easier. The solution is creating better training tools and documentation.

For the past 6 months we have been heads down working really hard on exactly that. Today, we are very proud to publish our brand new Developer Training Series. It is by far the best developer training we have ever produced for Miva Merchant. Along with a free developer store and a new set of Sublime Text Snippets, there are also 53 videos that will take someone completely new to the Miva Merchant Platform and give them the background and foundation to build upon and become a Miva Merchant Expert.

Click here for the Miva Merchant Developer Training Series

In addition to , we also released a new series on writing modules for Miva Merchant and working with the Module API. If you have ever wanted to write a plugin for Miva Merchant, this course will explain the concepts behind the Miva API, show you how to install and use the compiler, setup a developer environment and get you headed in the right direction. It also includes helpful links, code samples and downloadable pdfs.

Click Here for the Miva Merchant Module Developer Series

These development resources and training tools are just the beginning. We plan to continue to build upon them and add new code sample, videos, and reference guides. Please enjoy the recources and don’t hesitate to provide us feedback and let us know what resources you are interested in.