NHS: Launching a multi-brand ecommerce superstore

NHS, Inc. and Miva team up to build the ultimate user experience for skateboard fanatics everywhere

Go behind the build as Miva’s Ecommerce Launchpad Series takes you through the challenges and solutions of creating a premium online shopping experience for skateboard legend NHS Fun Factory, home of the iconic Santa Cruz Skateboards brand.

NHS, Inc. and Miva: The Ultimate User Experience

Founded in 1973, NHS, Inc. is the oldest and most revered skateboard manufacturer in the world. As creators of the popular Santa Cruz skateboard brand—and home to a dozen others—NHS is uniquely positioned to lead generations of skate, surf, and snowboard enthusiasts worldwide.

With more than 200 U.S. skateboard brands jockeying for shelf space and market share of a 5 billion dollar industry, the legendary skateboard manufacturer knew they needed a bold solution to connect with customers, and tap into manufacturer direct distribution channels.

Get an inside look at the multi-brand superstore Miva built in partnership with NHS, Inc. to see:

  • How Miva translated the social currency of NHS’ fans into a cohesive omnichannel strategy to recreate the dynamic in-store experience for skate fans all over the world
  • An unprecedented “deck builder” boasting multiple configurations across brands for the highest level of customization available today
  • Innovative merchandising that not only supports customer choice and improves conversion, but creates a responsive dialogue for increased CLV
  • A strong user-facing shopping experience merged with sophisticated back-end data integrations setting up NHS, Inc. to be its own distributor

Next Steps

  • Test drive the NHS “Custom Complete” deck builder
  • Dive into our feature-rich, future-ready ecommerce software, made to drive your business to the next level
  • Turn your ideas into tangible growth with our award-winning designers and developers on the Professional Services team
  • Get an in-depth look at the challenges we solved with the world’s most well-known skateboard manufacturer in the NHS, Inc. case study