Partner Spotlight: Leslie Kirk

This week, our very first Partner Spotlight is on long-time Miva Merchant partner and Miva Merchant specialist Leslie Kirk. With over 13 years of Miva Merchant experience, Leslie specializes in Miva Merchant setup, integration, module installations, configurations, and site maintenance.

Leslie Kirk Home Page

“Miva Merchant Version 1 was available with the first hosting plan that I moved to years ago,” says Leslie.  “It piqued my interest with it’s extensibility using third party modules, coupled with the ability to get into the code and make tweaks to get the results I was trying to achieve. I was hooked on it.  An extra bonus came in the form of the Miva Merchant community with it’s mix of seasoned veterans, newbies, store owners and developers alike. It has always welcomed any question from the very basic to the extremely complex.”

Throughout the years, Leslie has worked with a variety of store owners, web-based firms, and third-party developers to create and customize many ecommerce sites. Many of her clients include other members of the Miva Merchant community, such as Glendale Designs, and Emedia Sales. Two of the many Miva Merchant stores that she has worked on include Legacy Tack and Fetching Tags.

Legacy Track Sfnt

Additionally, Leslie believes very strongly in giving back to the community that has helped her over the years. Since 2004, she has been the unofficial photographer at the annual Miva Merchant Conference, and volunteers her time as a Moderator on the Miva Merchant Community Forum.  We are happy to have Leslie as a member of our community, and appreciate all of her hard work and effort on behalf of Miva Merchant.

Leslie Kirk Conference Photos