The Passport Safari is the Best Way to Win Online and at MivaCon

MivaCon Passport Safari

At MivaCon 18, attendees can harness the expertise of ecommerce professionals, industry leaders, and technical partners to identify opportunities to drive sales and facilitate growth.

Each year, we handpick the best software and services to partner with us at MivaCon. Our comprehensive list of partners ranges from payment gateways to product reviews and order fulfillment services that store owners and their teams can utilize to improve operations and profitability.

The Passport Safari during MivaCon is the perfect opportunity to meet with representatives from several of Miva’s technical partners. For one hour, attendees can travel around the ballroom and connect with our technical partners. During this limited time, you can meet one-on-one, to find out how to leverage various software and/or services to operate more efficiently and fuel growth to your online business. Do you have your MivaCon tickets yet?

Best of all, you have the chance to win prizes by collecting stamps from each sponsor booth you visit. A passport stamp booklet is included with your swag bag you pick up during registration. Attendees who collect all sponsor stamps will be entered to win a prize.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of the Passport Safari at #MivaCon18.

Benefits of Passport Safari

  1. Get to know our sponsors and what they can do for your business
  2. One-on-One Consulting
  3. Discover ways Miva’s partners can help facilitate sales growth
    • For example: After signing up for PayPal OneTouch™ at the PayPal booth onsite, one business owner saw an $800 increase in sales overnight!
  4. Collect stamps, win prizes
    • Previous years prizes included Apple Air Pods, Apple TV, Apple Watch

Confirmed MivaCon 18 Sponsors

PayPal | Payment Gateway
Authorize.Net | Payment Gateway
SearchSpring | Robust Search Functionality
Avalara | Tax Automation Services
Shopper Approved | Product Reviews
Ignite Visibility | Digital Agency
ShipStation | Order Fulfillment Service
ShipWorks | Order Fulfillment Service
Endicia Stamps | Shipping & Mailing Solutions

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