Pinterest ROI: How to Measure the Value of Pins on your Miva Merchant store


What’s the value of a Pin?  What really happens when customers click that logo?

Pinterest’s rapid rise to become the 3rd most popular social network in the U.S (behind only Facebook and Twitter) has this question on the minds of everyone in the eCommerce industry. With anecdotal reports claiming that Pins drive traffic and sales from high-value demographics, the Pin needs some hard data to prove its effectiveness.

With AddShoppers and Miva Merchant, it’s easy for you to find out exactly what Pins are worth to your store.

With our free reports you can easily see:

      • your most pinned products
      • which pins are driving sales
      • identify influencers
    • more social insights

    Here’s how you start tracking the value of your Pins on Miva Merchant:

        1. If you don’t have your free AddShoppers account yet, sign up now.
        1. Install our Social Analytics and ROI Tracking apps on your site following our installation instructions for Miva Merchant.
        1. Grab the code for an AddShoppers Pinterest button and paste it in your Product Display Layout template (follow the steps for Sharing Button Installation in the installation guide linked above).
      1. That’s it!  Now you’ll be able to see the value of Pinterest per product in your AddShoppers dashboard.


      How much revenue are you getting per Pin?


      What percentage of your sales are driven by Pinterest?

      What is Pinterest?

      Pinterest is an online pinboard that lets you share and organize all the interesting things you find on the web. People use pinboards for everything from planning their weddings to decorating their homes with crafts, and organizing their favorite recipes.