Redesigning and Developing the New Miva Merchant Site

As you can see (assuming you’ve been to our site before) this is a significant facelift, in fact it’s far more, it’s a ground up re-write of our entire web presence. We completely restructured the design, code and the content. When the initial planning for the site started, I had quite a few decisions to make on how to handle the content. I elected to break the site into two sections, a store, and then the content.

To handle the content, I chose to use ExpressionEngine over other CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. It provided the security and flexibility that we wanted along with the ability to create the user experience we envisioned.

Due to the dynamic nature of the content on our new site, as well as wanting to expand both the blog and the community around it, we chose to seek an outside CMS that was focused on information, as opposed to putting everything within the Miva Merchant application.

ExpressionEngine can be quite intimidating at first. The terminology doesn’t usually line up with what you see things called on other software, so making the switch was a little strange. Once I started to understand it, I realized how flexible it really is.

Some of the sites that helped me along the way are:

Some people that were helpful along the way are:

A post I wish happened before I started:

In the future I’m looking forward to getting a user generated blog, much like SEOmoz where users can write content and earn ratings, and of course, it could would benefit their site from links.

What do you think about the new site?