Safari in iOS 8 is Poised To Revolutionize Mobile Ecommerce

Imagine a technology that takes the pain out of paying with your credit card via your mobile device.  Apple has created two different easy pay options that will once again send the consumer world into a jet rocket-fueled upward spin.  

Let’s break it down for you –

1: Pay (aka ApplePay)

With Apple set to launch the hotly anticipated ApplePay next month; they have put the iPhone on all of our sales strategy starting line-ups, providing the consumer the ease and convenience of loading their credit card information onto their Apple device for safe keeping and easy access to make purchases in-app and in-store.

One limitation of ApplePay is that it only works for In-App purchases (think paying for your Uber) or at an NFC enabled Point-Of-Sale system for an in-person purchase when you’re physically at a storefront, where you can tap your phone (or Apple Watch when it comes out) against the POS Terminal.

ApplePay does not support payment via Web Browsers (at least not at launch and they haven’t mentioned if that will ever change).

2: iOS 8 Safari Credit Card Scan (Otherwise known as the online shopping accelerator)

So what about the millions of sales that happen every day online, via Web Browser? Are they just out of luck?

Thankfully, Apple has included another feature built into iOS 8 that makes shopping on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch much easier.  It didn’t get nearly the hype or attention that ApplePay got, but it’s arguably just as important for mobile ecommerce.

With Safari in iOS 8, you simply shop your favorite online stores as usual, only this time, using the credit card scan technology you can avoid having to use dropdowns and keyboards. Just take a photo of your credit card in real time and it will fill out your credit card info for you without having to type (and potentially mistype) those 15 or 16 digits, expiration dates, etc…

“The main reason we see lower conversion rates on phones specifically (compared to Desktops or even Tablets) is that it can be really challenging to type in your credit card info into the relatively tiny screen real estate using a touch device (as opposed to your keyboard or at least your larger-screened tablet). Apple adding the ability to just “scan” your credit card to zip through checkout is going to radically increase conversions in the world of mobile ecommerce.” – said Rick Wilson, President of Miva Merchant.

See it to believe it:

1: Shop any mobile website


2: Select your payment method


3: Select the “Scan Credit Card” option on the bottom of the credit card information screen


4: Hold your credit card in front of your iPhone camera and scan!


For more info on ApplePay, checkout the Official ApplePay site: