Sell Online With Miva Merchant in 4 Easy Steps

In this video Rick Wilson explains the 4 steps you need to take to be ready to sell online with Miva Merchant. Below the video are the spreadsheets mentioned for you to download because uploading products and categories via spreadsheets is much quicker than adding by hand.

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Download the Category Upload Spreadsheet

Download the Product Upload Spreadsheet

Already selling online with Miva Merchant? Here are five things you can use the above spreadsheets for:

  • Having a sale? Update sale price for all products in one shot
  • Carrying a new brand or line of products? Add all your new products at once
  • Got new product images? Change any number of images with one upload
  • Add new product (or category) information to a custom field such as SKU or ISBN
  • Remove products you no longer carry by setting as inactive

You might also want to check out the recently updated Miva Merchant 5.5 quick start guide. Enjoy!