Smartphones And Social Media: A Win For Ecommerce

The rise of smartphones has had a very interesting affect on ecommerce: Ecommerce is now in people’s pockets everywhere they go. With the speedier and more powerful web experiences people are getting out of their phones, it’s easier to shop spontaneously now more than ever. There have been some obvious advantages to online shopping since the rise of the smartphone. In most cases, driving isn’t necessary when buying on the web and shoppers avoid lengthy lines at checkout. Furthermore, they gain access to items that are not in their immediate geographic areas. A major appeal to shopping online is the promise of finding the lower price. We’re talking about price shopping here, and these days, the practice has gone mobile. I can’t recall the last time I’ve gone out shopping and didn’t have my phone in hand. When I find the product that peaks my interest, more often than not, I search for it online to see if it’s more affordable on the internet.

Besides just price shopping, mobile ecommerce shoppers like to read up on reviews of products; share about their purchases with their friends; and engage with the brands of the products they love via social media channels.

Custom development firm Symphony Teleca recently created an infographic entitled, “The Meaning of Like,” which has some amazing numbers. According to the infographic, 64% of smartphone users shop online via their phones. 167 million people are predicted to shop online this year. It goes on to estimate that the ecommerce shopper will do an average of $1,800 worth of online shopping in 2012.

Check out the infographic below for more insight into how the world of mobile and social media has influenced ecommerce as we know it.

Smartphones and Social Media powers commerce

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