Store/Before And After Design Spotlight: DirectFix

When your iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, or other personal electronic device breaks, what do you do? Sending your broken device back to the manufacturer can be expensive, and requires wait time, two things that most people would rather bypass.

Luckily, this week’s Store Spotlight and Before And After Design Spotlight, DirectFix provides a fast, economical solution.’s Homepage Before The Redesign

For over 10 years, DirectFix has specialized in providing repair parts, services, and accessories to people with broken iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones, as well as Macbooks, Ipods, and Ipads.

Since 2002, the company has relied on Miva Merchant’s ecommerce platform to sell online, and chose Miva Merchant because of its features, ease of use, and supportive community of developers and users.  Recently, when it came time for a site redesign, DirectFix turned to Miva Merchant’s Design Team.’s Homepage After The Redesign

“Working with the design team has been a dream,” says DirectFix Founder Robert Stanley. “They were able to take my ideas along with some great suggestions from their team and create a couple of samples designs for me to look at. One of the designs was about 90% of what I was looking for on the first mockup. With just a few small changes we started development, and they kept me in the loop through the entire process. They also helped to re-launch our mobile site which is becoming a big source of income since more and more people are using smartphones for searching the Internet.”

In addition to providing the necessary parts to fix broken iPhones and other devices, DirectFix also provides their customers with repair directions, lists of recommended tools, and free tutorials via their YouTube channel, which features over 150 DIY repair videos.

For tough repairs requiring expert work, customers can also choose the Direct Fix professional Repair Service for certain makes and models. Product Page Before

“I could not ask for better results from the redesign, support, development and implementation of our new site, “adds Stanley. “If you are new to Miva Merchant and need a great design or if you are currently thinking of redesigning your site, I suggest that you go with the Miva Merchant Design Team.” Product Page After