Store Spotlight: Fall Fan Sweepstakes Participating Merchants

This week, we are taking a departure from our usual Store Spotlight format to recognize all of the great ecommerce stores that participated in our Fall Fan Promotion last month.  Our promotion was a great success, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of the Miva Merchant community!

Pipeline Gear

Kicking things off, and winning the distinction of being the Miva Merchant store with the most items donated in the promotion was Pipeline Gear. Pipeline is known for their bodyboards, custom surfboards, and surf-related apparel and accessories.


Three lucky winners received a laptop/e-reader bag from Rainebrooke in our promotion. Rainebrooke specializes in pink laptop and e-reader bags, totes, sleeves, and more. You can read more about Rainebrooke in our Store Spotlight feature.

Le Travel Store

When traveling, it is always best to be prepared with plenty of emergency supplies, your important travel documents, and other essentials at all times. Le Travel Store, which donated a $25 gift card to our promotion, knows this all too well. You can read our Before And After feature on Le Travel Store to learn more about this unique ecommerce store.

Lady Bug Gift Store

Considered by some to bring good luck, the ladybug’s red and black pattern naturally lends itself to many decorating themes. Lady Bug Gift Store carries ladybug items of all shapes and sizes, including ladybug bird feeders, one of which went to a lucky Miva Merchant Fall Fan Promotion winner.

“When we started Lady Bug Gift Store in 2005, we wanted a shopping cart system that was simple to use and could get our online store up and running very quickly,” says store owner Bonnie Roylance. “We selected Miva Merchant and have been very happy with our selection.”

Ceci’s Treasures

When searching for a new baby gift or a cherished keepsake to commemorate a milestone in a young child’s life, turn to Ceci’s Treasures. From handmade wooden keepsake boxes to baby bedding and children’s toys, you’re sure to find the perfect gift here. Ceci’s donated a $10 online gift card to our promotion, which means that the winner will be able to apply their prize towards the unique keepsake item of their choice.


Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right words to express a sentiment. This can be especially true if your sentiment is bitingly sarcastic. Three promotion winners won’t have any trouble expressing their sarcastic and darkly humorous sentiments, thanks to Akausticcard, which donated three 12-card sets to our promotion.

Royal Swimming Pools

As the weather turns cold, many people’s thoughts naturally turn to the warm summer months.  As the experts at Royal Swimming Pools will tell you, it is never too early to prepare, particularly when it comes to pool upkeep and maintenance, as well as fun pool accessories, like the Siesta Float that RSP donated to our promotion.

Natural Healthy Concepts

The holiday season, while fun, can also be tiring and stressful. Thanks to Natural Healthy Concepts,   which donated a bottle of Energy Vitality capsules to our promotion, and specializes in natural herbal supplements, and vitamins, our lucky winner can stay revitalized naturally throughout this busy time. You can read more about NHC in our Store Spotlight.


To many Miva Merchant store owners, PCI Net is synonymous with one very popular module, ToolBelt.  Over the course of our promotion, four storeowners won a free ToolBelt module from PCI Net. You can read more about PCI Net and the ToolBelt module in our Partner Spotlight.

Dog Collars.Net

When it comes to dog collars, one size does not fit all. The right collar for your dog depends on any number of factors, including the breed, size, and personality of your furry best friend. Tierisch Exclusiv (Dog Collars.Net) generously donated two online coupons to our promotion, giving two dog owners the opportunity to purchase a unique collar for their pets.


Children of all ages appreciate the value of high-quality, educational toys and WonderBrains, by donating an online gift card to our promotion, allowed one Miva Merchant Facebook fan to receive up to $25 in merchandise for free.  To learn more about WonderBrains, please read our Store Spotlight feature.

Lydia’s Land

Specializing in unique, handmade PlaqueCard greeting cards for a variety of occasions, Lydia’s Land has cards for every major holiday, as well as Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Baptism, and other special occasions.

The Office Dealer

Office supplies and furniture are essential tools of the trade for businesses of all sizes. The Office Dealer carries many different types of office supplies, from paper, pens, and pencils, to office furniture.  One of our Facebook fans won the opportunity to purchase an item (or items) of their choice via the online gift card donated to our promotion by The Office Dealer.

In The Hole Golf

Like many sports, the game of golf requires a wide range of accessories.  In The Hole Golf, which donated a $75 online gift card to our promotion, carries a wide range of accessories and golf-themed gadgets for golfers of all level and skill.

Mansoura Pastries

Just about everyone appreciates gourmet desserts and pastries, and Mansoura Pastries specializes in some of the best, including Baklava, Sponge Candy, and their contribution to our Fall Fan Promotion, chocolate covered pretzels.

Thank you again to all of the merchants who participated in our promotion!