Store Spotlight:

Who hasn’t wished that they could go back in time and relive a moment in their past? While scientists haven’t perfected time travel yet, anyone who feels nostalgia for the décor and pop culture items of days gone by can rediscover their favorites by visiting this week’s Store Spotlight,

Since February, 2005, the Nashua, New Hampshire-based store has sold their retro décor, furniture, gifts, and other merchandise online.

“Being a small and growing company, we were looking for fair pricing, ease of admin and customizable options,” says RetroPlanet General Manager, Maria Hayden. “We were very fortunate to have found Pamela Hazelton (Miva Merchant Consultant/Training) Set-up, training, etc. was seamless. We found many modules that fit our needs, and love the easy export and import of products. Good support team, too.”

Currently, has over 6,500 items, ranging from vintage tin signs to old-fashioned candy, retro furniture, and favorite toys from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

“We have gone from a basic Miva Merchant store to a fully customized one, and are still changing all the time. Miva Merchant has made it possible to create our own look and feel to our retro site,” adds Hayden.