Store Spotlight: Stupid.Com

This week, our store spotlight is on, an online purveyor of humorous and unique gifts since 1998.  Over the years, Stupid’s inventory has grown to more than 2,500 products in over 80 gift categories, from t-shirts, to candy, home and office decor, and more.

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Selling such a unique and diverse array of products online can be a challenge for some ecommerce stores, particularly if they are working with an ecommerce platform that does not support a full range of customization options.  Luckily for, Miva Merchant was up to the task.

“Two things brought us to Miva Merchant,” says Web Content Director Justin Scott. “Ease of use, and a full range of customization techniques. Our store is different from anyone else’s out there – we’ve got a giant catalog of over 2,500 products and over 80 gift categories, which can be a challenge to manage, so we needed a cart that could handle this.”

When customers visit the site to order a toilet mug, gummy shot glass, Lego silverware, a novelty calendar, or any of the many other unique products available, the checkout process is fast, easy, and secure.

  Planning Paper

Scott credits the use of Miva Merchant modules for the easy and expedient checkout process, page load times, and customization.

“Modules! Seriously, got an issue? Problem? Concern? There’s a module for that, let me assure you,” says Scott. “For the most part, they’re easy to install and get up and running, and let us do everything from sending follow-up e-mails to customers who abandon their carts, to improving load times through the creation of static pages. “

The Miva Merchant design team, says Scott has also been integral in helping develop their interactive video page.

Blog readers can use the MIVA11 coupon code at checkout to receive 10% off of their next order.

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