An Open Thank You to Our Team

This past month we celebrated 20 years of Miva. That’s two decades at the forefront of ecommerce, and truly, there is so much celebrate.

Our product? Award-winning, thanks to the fantastic businesses we get to help each day. Our company? A top place to work in San Diego, thanks to the input of our employees. Our work environment? Replete with outstanding benefits, thanks to an HR team that loves to listen.

And while we’re glad to hang our hat on these accolades, none of them would be possible without the team behind our technology. After all, a product is powered by the height of the collective behind it, and our team at Miva is exceptional.

Rather than writing about what makes our team so special, though, we wanted to hear from the Mivites themselves what they appreciate. So, we asked several Mivites, veteran and fresh to the floor, what they enjoy about Miva—and one another.

An open letter to thank the team that makes Miva a top place to work in San Diego

What do you like about working at Miva?

Pride in the product—and the process.

“Miva is like a think tank of multiple generations all coming together and contributing to one great product. It’s an easy going, laid-back and free-spirited place to work.

When everyone comes to the table, it’s like a smorgasbord of ideas and experience all coming together to make Miva what it is today: an easy-to-use product saving the end user lots of time and in a beautiful setting.

I’m thankful to be part of such a fun and creative team!”

-Jenn Rawlings, Graphic Designer, ℅ 2014

“I’m thankful to have been with Miva since 2004—to have seen how far we’ve come as a company. This has not only led to a strong bond throughout the company; it’s also instilled a sense of stewardship to ensure Miva’s continued success, for us and our clients.”

-Jim McCormick, Support Engineer, ℅ 2004

The shared drive to succeed.

“I would say the biggest trait the people at Miva possess is how unselfish everyone is. Everyone seems to genuinely want to help each other. The people at Miva care for one another and want to see each other succeed.”

-Chris Rodriguez, Project Manager, ℅ 2014

“The people here are unique. We all come from different places, and live very different lives. But the difference is, every person comes to work with the intention that they are going to do their job really well, and help you do your job very well. That commitment to each other, and the common goal of projects makes for a supportive environment.”

-Jeremy VanDerpluym, Designer, ℅ 2016

“The most brilliant and talented individuals I have worked with by far.”

-Nathan Barquin, Developer, ℅ 2015

That familial bond.

“There’s a community/family bond between co-workers here at Miva. It’s a special place that’s casual and fun, but we still work hard to get each job done.”

-Sam Newbold, Strategy and Solutions Consultant, ℅ 2012

“To me, Miva is a great place to work because of the family-like atmosphere. Family and friends are everything to me, so being able to come to work and be surrounded by people that genuinely care about their co-workers and clients is a great reason why Miva is a standout place to work.”
-Nicholas Adkins, Technical Training Specialist, ℅ 2011

“At Miva, you really do feel like you belong to something. There is an incredible sense of teamwork that I believe everyone here feels to a certain extent. It makes Miva a comfortable and fun place to work!”

-Katie Kindness, Web Designer, ℅ 2016

The opportunity to grow.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to grow with the company and add to my skillset.

I have never been surrounded by so many talented and intelligent people. I feel that we all work together to contribute to Miva’s success and the success of our clients.

Everyone puts forth 100% of their abilities and gives each project their all. Our casual, open environment enables people to ask questions; they aren’t intimidated, which is great!”

-Katy Ellquist, Digital Marketing Strategist, ℅ 2015

“I like how welcoming, helpful, and collaborative the people at Miva are. Starting in a new field, I’ve never been made to feel dumb or been rejected when asking what I’ve thought were simple questions. Even the executives and product experts are always ready and willing to stop what they’re doing and hear my question. From what I’ve seen, everyone here has built a community of sharing and learning, and kept what feels like a flat management structure, by their amiable demeanors and humble attitudes.”

-Mark Tapia, Account Manager, ℅ 2017

Really, it’s all the little things.

“Miva is unique because of the culture it has now—perks like video games; catered lunches at monthly parties; the “happy table” with the popcorn machine, and yoga on Wednesdays, to name a few. I also appreciate the professional yet personable management and the casual environment.

It’s all the little things that count, like providing paper plates or a coffee and a soda machine. Not a lot of companies offer this attention to detail, but it really does make a difference.”

-Rafael Buelna, Support Engineer, ℅ 2007

What would you like to say to your colleagues at Miva?

“I’m so thankful to get to work alongside people who want to work hard, and prioritize taking care of the client. This shows there’s a trust that as we take care of our clients, we are taken care of.

Thank you team for giving the client the benefit of the doubt. Thank you for giving the solutions architecture team the benefit of the doubt as you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty executing what was just conceptual until you brought it to life.”

-Philip Hansen, Director of Strategy & Solutions, ℅ 2009

“Thank you for taking pride in your work, for taking ownership of how you will engage with others, and for genuinely caring about the team you are intrinsically connected to. Bravo!”
-Philip Hansen, Director of Strategy & Solutions

“It goes without saying, but thank you. I am honored to be working with such amazing and hardworking people.”

-Chris Rodriguez

“Thank you for working so hard to make Miva better. It takes a lot of people with a lot of different skills to get a project off the ground. The fact that everyone works so hard to achieve a great result is something I absolutely love about working with all of you.”

-Katie Kindness

“Never in my life have I felt such a connection to my work or the people I’m surrounded with. It’s so empowering to be surrounded by so many people who truly own what they do. The dedication to craft that emanates from this office is incredible.”

-Mark Patterson, Project Management Supervisor, ℅ 2013

“Miva is a lot of things to a lot of people. To me, it’s you.”
-Mark Patterson, Project Management Supervisor

“I’m so thankful for you! Thanks for taking time for me. Thanks for being patient with me. Thanks for teaching and training me and making me feel like I’m wanted and not just a cog in a machine that expects constant performance. I want to say thank you for welcoming me into your friend groups and bring me into your conversations when I sit at the lunch table with you. Thanks for poking fun at me and helping me feel like one of the group so quickly. There is so much to learn and to know, but you have helped me feel like these goals are achievable! Thank you!”

-Mark Tapia

“Thank you for accepting me for who I am: The way I dress, the way I speak, the way I work, the way I look, the way I act. Thank you for letting me be me.”

-Jeremy VanDerpluym

“Thank you for being YOU! I’m extremely proud to see how far we’ve come and excited for what the future brings to Miva.”
-Wayne Smith, TAC Manager, ℅ 2002

Happy 20 years, Miva.

Here’s to the future, and all it will bring!


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Che Elizaga

Cheryl Elizaga is a Brand Strategist and Copywriter with nearly a decade of experience catalyzing meaningful, measurable action for Fortune 100 companies and industry pioneers alike. A contributing author to the Miva Blog, Cheryl helps ecommerce companies own their brand and harness the tools and technology of the leading Miva platform to drive growth.

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