Three Crucial Tips For Great Ecommerce Product Photos

We’ve all heard that old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it is a saying that is particularly true when it comes to using a picture to persuade someone to buy a product from an ecommerce store.

Since online shoppers can’t lift, smell, touch, or actually see a product in your ecommerce store, they rely on your product descriptions and your product photos to do this for them. Succeed, and you have a sale. Fail, and the shopper will buy a similar product from one of your competitors instead.

When it comes to selling online, bad product photos can be conversion killers.

Stay Focused

How many times have you seen product photos that:

  • Don’t clearly identify the product
  • Aren’t of the actual product being sold, as in related images but not the actual product itself
  • Aren’t professionally taken, or at the very least taken with care. See this blog post from Ortery about the importance of professional-quality product photos
  • Are obviously “borrowed” products images from other sites-always take your own product photos, or make sure that you have the rights to use the images on your site.

Is this photo of the chair or of the dresser behind it? Make sure that your product photos clearly identify the product being sold.

Show Products In Use

Let’s face it, product that are designed to complete mundane tasks aren’t always the most interesting to look at. Likewise, products that are designed for a specific function (i.e. running shoes, tennis racquets, tents) aren’t helpful unless their product photos show them in use.

Be Truthful

Does your image accurately represent the actual product that the user will receive? According to, a 2008 study conducted by a German website designed to show how well product images coincide with actual products revealed that sometimes, at least when it comes to certain products and companies, what you see isn’t always what you get.

Be as accurate as possible when providing product photos. It may be tempting to enhance a photo to make the product look more appealing, but this tactic will likely backfire once your customers realize that their products don’t look as nice as the photos on the website or the packaging.

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Follow these simple tips, and you will be well on your way to better product photos and increased conversions.