Webinar: 5 Best Shipping Practices to Grow Revenue

In this webinar, ShipWorks, the leader in ecommerce shipping, will share how ecommerce retailers can ship like a pro. This seminar will cover topics like how to optimizing shipping within your Miva Merchant store; how to streamline the shipping process; and how to scale shipping processes as your business grows.


As an online retailer, it is essential to successfully manage the final point of sale process: shipping.  In order to scale your business for future growth, it is a great idea to learn from the pros.  In this webinar, ShipWorks expands on these 5 best shipping practices to help you grow your revenue.

1.  Reduce Overall Shipping Costs

2.  Streamline Your Shipping Process

3.  Automate Mundane Tasks

4.  Scalability

5.  Customer Service

Once you follow these 5 best shipping practices, you’ll be shipping like a pro in no time.

Learn more about our partners at ShipWorks at www.shipworks.com.  View other Miva Webinars here.

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