Webinar: 5 Easy Steps to Boost International Sales

Are you shipping internationally, but not getting much traffic or sales? Would you like to increase your international sales? Find out how Miva merchants are boosting their international sales in 5 easy steps. Presented by the company that has been driving international online sales for Abercrombie, Best Buy, Claire’s, FTD, Urban Outfitters, and many others.

Global Nimbus works with online retailers of all sizes to increase their sales globally.  The goal of Global Nimbus is to provide a platform that allows smaller retailers to get started building sales in new markets without requiring a large upfront investment of time or money.

“The key [to shipping internationally] is to get started sooner rather than later.” – Chuck Whiteman

In this webinar, Chuck Whiteman, SVP Client Services at Global Nimbus, shows online retailers the opportunity available to ship internationally and how to get started in five easy steps.  Then, you’ll hear from a couple of businesses that actually use Global Nimbus, in both the early and pro stages of setting up their international shipping.  Be sure to stay tuned after that for a live demonstration of using Global Nimbus on a webinar attendee’s store.


What’s The Opportunity?

Worldwide online sales are on track to double within the next five years. Cross-border ecommerce is growing even faster and is expected to triple in the next five years.

The US is still the world’s largest online shopping economy in the world, but you can more than triple your market by adding other languages to your ecommerce store.

5 Easy Steps

Step 1.  Confirm you can ship internationally

Step 2.  Select high-value markets

Step 3.  Deploy on Global Nimbus

Step 4.  Fulfill these new orders

Step 5.  Optimize

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