Welcome To The New docs.miva.com!

Over the past 6 months we have been working on an entirely new website to help Miva Store Owners and Miva Developers find the information they are looking for quickly: docs.miva.com. Its goal is to take the enormous amount of documentation we have available for Miva and make it searchable and easy to find.

When starting this project we took a step back and came up with 3 guiding principles which we wanted to adhere to when architecting the new docs.miva.com:

  1. Everything Must Be Searchable
  2. High Maintainability (Easy to add and update content)
  3. Everything Must Be Output As HTML (and indexable by the search engines)

Global Search

To achieve the first goal, we implemented a brand new search feature which is able to search across all the different types of content we have available and return the top 5 results for each category:

For example when you search for “Coupons”


You see results from the Reference Guide, How to Guides as well as Videos related to coupons.

Reference Guide

One of the biggest hurdles was taking the 700+ page Reference Guide pdf which covers every aspect of Miva Merchant in great detail and convert it to HTML format for the web. Having it in a web format not only makes it searchable, but allows you to easily drill into the section you’re looking for and find the information you need quickly.


Developer Docs

In addition to Store Owner documentation there is also a brand new Developer Docs site.

This is now the central location for all Developer Resources and API Docs. Here you can lookup mivascript functions, create free developers stores and install our Sublime Text Plugins for auto-completion and editing Miva page templates directly in sublime.

These new Developer Docs provide full documentation on the Miva Merchant Template Language, as well as (for the first time ever) every function available to call using mvt:do along with a reference example and function parameters.


Code Samples

One of the Developer Docs areas we’re most excited about is the new Code Samples. We have over 50 common Code Samples with more being added each day. This allows us to leverage all the code we build and write in our Professional Services Department and share it with our community and all our 3rd party developers.

Want the code to pull in any image size you want on any page? 

Or how about a full sample module on how to tie into Miva’s new Scheduled Tasks?

Not only can you view the code, but you can quickly reference any mvt:do functions being used to see its function definition as well as view a demo on snippets.miva.com if applicable.


Docs.Miva By The Numbers

Total Pages of Searchable documentation: 5087 (and growing)
Miva Reference Guide: 217 Pages
Code Samples: 51
Mvt:do Functions: 4291
Videos: 177
How To Guides: 55

We’re incredibly excited to get docs.miva.com launched and can’t wait for everyone to start finding the resources they need faster.

Don’t forget, to check out an early preview of all the Miva 9.0006 documentation.