We’ve Redesigned Our Homepage, Featuring Our Client Successes

This past week we launched our newly redesigned home page, putting greater focus on Miva’s core competencies and the client successes that have driven our growth these past 18 years.

During the redesign process we delved deep into the question:  What does Miva, as an ecommerce platform and company, actually do?  Because it’s one thing to say that we help people sell online, and another thing entirely to get absolutely clear as to how we do that.

Along the way, we honed in on a number of key Miva functions that have helped power over $100 Billion in online sales to date; things like Miva’s logic-based templates, which allow our users to customize their checkout flows, implement complex shipping rules, set custom pricing & availability groups, etc.  It’s this type of capability and flexibility that defines Miva as a platform and a company, and we believe that’s important to share.

Most importantly, however, we focused in on our clients during this re-design, featuring the thriving examples of ecommerce success that are at the foundation of why we exist.  Companies like TP-Link, the world’s leader in global shipments of wireless LAN products, and BTO Sports, on of the top 500 e-tailers according to Internet Retailer magazine.  Delivering robust, scalable, solutions for our clients is what drives Miva, and our new homepage reflects that.  We hope you enjoy.