Prairie Moon

In the early 1970s, some enterprising prairie pioneers began encouraging the development of nurseries devoted to propagating native plants and seed stock. During their three decades of extraordinary growth, Prairie Moon Nursery has carried on this initiative with a focus on native, sustainable plantings and ecological renewal.

The Results



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A nursery with a purpose outgrew their website.

Prairie Moon Nursery's product offering is as complex as it is diverse. Subject to various growing cycles and plant population health changes, their stock is always changing and is rarely predictable. While it was easy enough to sell over the phone and in person, their website could not handle the variability and complexity of their inventory.

With their website struggling to support their products and bloated code that gave them more trouble than not, Prairie Moon Nursery started to search for a more viable ecommerce solution. They discovered a local agency, which conducted an in-depth examination of several ecommerce platform providers to determine the best fit for their unique needs. These included support for:

  • Mobile optimization and responsiveness
  • Integration with their existing ERP and payment gateway
  • Complex product types, quantities, SKUs, and child SKUs
  • Extensively customized ordering with mix-and-match plant trays, waitlisting, and quick order options
  • MailChimp integration for catalog requests and e-newsletter signups

Prairie Moon Nursery's integration and functionality requirements were non-negotiable, so the ideal platform had to be as sophisticated as it was flexible. Anything less would be unable to support their complex online sales needs.



“Our website couldn't handle it. We ended up with huge amounts of custom code to try and manage all the variables. It broke every time we tried to change something.”

Becky Klukas-Brewer
Head of Marketing, Prairie Moon Nursery

A tailored solution built from the ground up.

Prairie Moon Nursery chose Miva to build their online store. They needed a robust solution that could handle a complicated shopping experience without the maintenance and security costs of their former open-source platform. Miva fit the bill perfectly and began work immediately.

“Our time to go live was very important because we had to schedule it during our slow season in July and August.”

With a firm deadline ahead, Miva and Prairie Moon Nursery had no time to waste. Miva set up order automation, eliminating the need for manual order processing. The staff at Prairie Moon Nursery pride themselves on their excellent customer service, so they were very interested in a solution that would take certain menial tasks off their hands and allow more time for customer care. Miva's order automation did just that, working seamlessly with their own order management software and freeing staff members up for more important tasks.

The complex and seasonal nature of the nursery's product offering necessitated some extensive order customization options. Working with Prairie Moon Nursery to determine customer needs and pain points, Miva developed the robust inventory and order customization features their site required.



Since the launch of their new Miva site, Prairie Moon Nursery has seen their conversion rates shoot up by 14%...and visitors aren't just converting more, they're buying more.

Sales are flourishing and customers are happier than ever.

Conversion Rate

Create Your Own/Mix-and-Match
Sales Increase

Increased Conversion Rates and Average Order Volume

Since the launch of their new, Miva-powered site, Prairie Moon Nursery has seen their conversion rates shoot up by 14%. While this may not seem like a huge increase, it was enough that the nursery began selling out of popular products.

Visitors to aren't just converting more, they're buying more. The nursery has experienced a significant increase in their average order volume since launching their Miva site.

Confident Shoppers, Happy Customers

Switching to automated ordering after years of manual order management has accelerated order processing speed and restored valuable customer interaction time to the Prairie Moon Nursery team. This has saved their operation several hours of labor and minimized the risk of order loss.

Prairie Moon Nursery's customers, as evidenced by rising average order volumes and conversion rates, are taking full advantage of the user-friendly store and order customization tools. Their customers can now shop at their convenience, direct their own buying experience, and sign up to be notified when their favorite products are in stock.

The design and functionality of the new site conveys competence and professionalism, reassuring new visitors of its legitimacy and demonstrating the authority of Prairie Moon Nursery's brand.

Employee Satisfaction

With a beautiful, professional website representing their company, Prairie Moon Nursery employees are proud of their new web presence and increased ability to serve their customers. With a robust website that can accommodate their complex and seasonal inventory, Prairie Moon Nursery is seeing great results, increased revenue, and an energized customer base.



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