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“With Miva we can have unlimited products, categories, and pages on our site.”
Steve Kocourek | Director of Web Development, Sewing Parts Online

  • Increase in Sales revenue
  • Overall mobile traffic
  • Transaction volume

Business Overview

Owners George and Terri Kocourek worked for more than a decade to grow their vacuum and sewing supply store in Dickson, Tennessee. They launched their first retail website in 2008, offering customers one-stop access to over 14,000 sewing machine parts and accessories.


Sewing Parts Online first launched using Network Solutions as their ecommerce platform, recognizing the ease of a "one-size-fits-all" ecommerce solution. However, as traffic and sales grew, says Steve Kocourek, Director of Web Development for the company, the drawbacks of the platform became clear. Arbitrary size limits on product display and organization became a nightmare for a retailer with such an extensive inventory. Network Solutions created a series of stop-gap fixes as issues arose, which only led to new problems, as updates were reactionary and haphazard.

Network Solutions' customer service was subpar. "They were slow in developing new features, and slow in allowing us to develop our own new features on the platform."

“Our old platform was not very mobile-friendly, but with Miva we've been able to build a fully responsive mobile-friendly website.”
– Jeremy Kocourek | COO, Sewing Parts Online

Choosing Miva

Swiftly, the Sewing Parts Online team came to a pivotal realization: "When we looked at everything we wanted to do to improve the shopping experience," said Kocourek, "we began to see that getting there with Network Solutions was not even possible."

With Miva as their new ecommerce platform, SPO found unlimited options for customization, backed up by a team which knew the platform intimately and was ready to build creative solutions for SPO's dream site.


Sewing Parts Online worked with Miva's development team to build a beautifully organized new site which also prioritized online visibility and search rankings. Subsequently, the company experienced a huge increase in organic traffic. Custom-built features like Quick Find enabled SPO to convert that new traffic with powerful merchandising and organization, resulting in a dynamic, customer-oriented, modern UI.


Since launching their new Miva website, Sewing Parts Online has seen overall transaction volume grow by 14%. The average order value for customers has grown by 10%, and total revenue from the site is up 25%.

Jeremy Kocourek, Chief Operating Officer, highlights the importance of Miva's powerful mobile capabilities. "Visitor traffic from mobile devices is up 434% and tablet traffic has grown by 140%. In-bound traffic coming organically from Google is up 69%, and our Bing and Yahoo numbers are up as well. Our old platform was not very mobile-friendly, but with Miva we've been able to build a fully responsive mobile-friendly website."

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