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Miva helps elite brands like XDP create a premium shopping experience online.

What They Wanted

Xtreme Diesel Performance wanted a cloud-hosted ecommerce solution which reflected the authenticity and passion of the brand and its community, via the most premium experience of high performance automotive available in the world.

What We Built

Miva worked with XDP to design an utterly immersive online shopping experience to revolutionize the B2B purchasing experience with highly interactive search, personalized account pricing, and a rich community content hub, hosted affordably in the cloud.

Why This Matters

Next-level shopping experience is the way forward for wholesalers and resellers who wish to compete with Amazon. Superior UI loaded with relevant product info and community-building content is the key to enduring customer loyalty, trust, and skyrocketing CLV.

Miva fuels premium ecommerce solutions for innovative enterprise brands.

Miva directly connects XDP to its community and customers. By providing a cloud-hosted shopping cart and site, this total eCommerce solution is the most cost-effective way to provide brilliant service to the world.

All Miva customers benefit from world-class solutions and hosted cart functionality. Meet your solution today.

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