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Miva helps elite manufacturer brands like GHP Group, Inc. achieve integrated omnichannel control.

What They Wanted

Consumer goods manufacturer GHP Group, Inc. was ready to launch a sophisticated fusion of B2B and B2C sales channels for its diverse family of brands, powered by next-level product, inventory, fulfillment, ERP, and customer data.

What We Built

Miva engineered a comprehensive new ecommerce system for GHP Group, with the back-end muscle to manage sophisticated order, customer service, and fulfillment across all sales channels, all supporting a powerful new direct distribution model.

Why This Matters

For GHP, mastering data with strong systems integrations was the key to opening up an entirely new sales channel to complement its already strong B2B model. Data-driven consumer-direct sales are an important leap forward for total vertical control.

Miva fuels premium ecommerce solutions for innovative enterprise brands.

Miva helped GHP Group, Inc. open a direct channel to the most important person in their entire organization: the customer.

All Miva customers benefit from the world-class solutions Miva architects for its clients. Meet your solution today.

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