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    The result of running on MAC...
    Still getting the same errors...
    CE_167: Function name 'redis_connect' not defined nor recognized as an external function.
    William Gilligan - Orange Marmalade, Inc.


      You also need to have the MVC_LIB environment variable set. E.g.
      export MVC_LIB=/usr/local/msc/builtins
      . If that is set and it is still not working, what is the value of MVC_LIB? Also can you verify the file is in the builtins directory?
      David Carver
      Miva, Inc. | Software Developer


        !!! That appears to have been the underlying problem. File now compiled. Cool and thank you! I am sure there will be more, but for now - we are moving forward again!
        William Gilligan - Orange Marmalade, Inc.


          Just wanted to post this for future reference - I was able to launch redis on AWS and create a "twitter like" feed combined with auto backups, and a write to disk as html for reference using only some javascript (AJAX) and the rest pure Miva script. In testing, I was able to get Server Side Events functioning but switched to AJAX poling. The end result was pretty cool, and screaming fast. Although the experiment is not live at the moment, we are expecting to launch shortly. This is our first foray into Social Software and we will be integrating it into our Orange Manager SaaS program. Now our users can actually get help from other users real time... cool huh?

          Should anyone else go down the redis path, I'll do what I can to help out. SSE did have some "tricks" I had to deal with, but other than that - no real issues.
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          William Gilligan - Orange Marmalade, Inc.