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Shopping sessions timing out too soon

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    Shopping sessions timing out too soon

    I've been debugging a store where the basket timeout is set to 60 minutes. But it often seems like the store logs me out much sooner than that. I looked at the Timeouts section of the Domain Settings, and I see that there's something called the "Shopping Interface Cookie Expiration" which is set to just 15 minutes. I suppose that must be the problem; but before I change it, I wanted to ask. Is it normal that this setting should be the same as the basket timeout (which is in Store Settings, not Domain Settings)? Would I be violating any security standards by increasing the cookie expiration?

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    Kent Multer
    Magic Metal Productions
    * Web developer/designer
    * E-commerce and Miva
    * Author, The Official Miva Web Scripting Book -- available on-line:

    The default cookie expiration is 365 days (525600 minutes).
    David Carver
    Miva, Inc. | Software Developer