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    Information boxes for forms

    Tiny suggestion. It might be useful to have a group of helper styles that allowed you to add notes to attributes. For example on our spring order page the fractional length field seems to confuse some people and they leave it blank and call up for help. This happens often when they use the quickview popup since there is a delay between when product is added and the quickview popup window closes. People often add it then x out of the window but the submit has failed since the fraction field is required. I had a guy call yesterday who did this 3 times and didn't know what was happening.

    Anyway I used the label of a radio button attribute with no options and made a note and thought it could be useful in other instances.

    Maybe there could be some helper styles for arrow position and such and just give the radio button attribute a code i.e. note-blue-arrow-top-left or maybe even hide the complexity and Miva could code a note attribute with a formnotes.css style sheet where people can have their custom note styles, so they can add from a product's attribute tab Add Note > Style > Note 1 and the note would be what ever they type in the label.


    Sounds like you are looking for something akin to a tool-tip that is always displayed instead of needing an action to show it. I will look into adding an extension for something like this.
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      That's great!