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Base Bootstrap Ready Theme - coupon causing error

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    Base Bootstrap Ready Theme - coupon causing error

    Using Miva 9, Base Bootstrap Ready Theme.

    Coupons turned-on on the BASK page:

    Enter invalid coupon code, works as expected.
    A valid coupon code shows "Your basket is not eligible for the specified coupon" Coupon is available to "all shoppers". Price group and coupon setup from the example in the guide.

    Coupons turned-on on the OCST page:
    Valid or invalid coupon code throws a "Fatal Error"

    Error Code: MER-DBE-OPN-00002
    Description: Unable to open store 'razer,razer'

    I cannot see where the second Store_Code is coming from on the OCST basket contents code???

    Re: Base Bootstrap Ready Theme - coupon causing error

    This error usually occurs with a form within a form - take a peek at the code. Also post a link to the page so you can get more eyes on the issue.
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      Re: Base Bootstrap Ready Theme - coupon causing error

      Thanks Leslie!

      On the OCST code it opens the ocst_form, calls the basket which has a form in it "apply coupon" and then right before the footer it closes the ocst_form. Moved the </form> above the call for the basket and no more fatal error.

                 <div id="basket-contents" class="non-editable cart table-responsive clearfix">
                 <mvt:item name="basket" />
      </form> this was moved up
                 <mvt:item name="hdft" param="footer" />
      Coupons working now.

      Thanks for the help.
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