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    Third Party Sharing Code

    In my product descriptions, under the price, I found this

    <div class="column whole social-sharing"><mvt:item name="readytheme" param="thirdpartysharing" /></div>

    however, it does not seem to produce anything onscreen.

    What is this and where I can edit it? Should I?

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    Re: Third Party Sharing Code


    The code snippet you came across is a new feature introduced in Readythemes functionality. It allows you to add a 3rd party social sharing code to the page, usually written in JS. Sharethis and Addthis are very popular providers for this type of code. It usually adds a floating widget in your site page that allows visitors to quickly share the URL in question to their social networks. You can find more details of their working by visiting their sites, they provide some excellent analytic as well for the visitors interacting with the widgets in your site.

    To edit this part, you'll need to go to the "Utility -> Ready Theme" from left menu in admin. In settings tab, under "3rd Party Social Sharing Code:", enable this feature and paste the code you received from your code provider and hit update.

    For the part, "Should I?", it depends upon your goals with this functionality. If your targeted visitors are active on a particular social network or a combination of some, you should consider adding this functionality into your page. It will help increasing the interaction with your content on that network among users.
    Although, one drawback of this code is, that code downloads some files from 3rd party servers, which in many cases, slow down your site loading significantly. Many sites suffer from this where content takes longer to load on screen because some files for social sharing features are being downloaded by browser.
    Rajnish Sinha