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Question regarding "Most Popular" product listings

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    Question regarding "Most Popular" product listings

    Hi! I apologize in advance if this was posted/answered before but I was unable to locate it.

    I was wanting to display 2 carousel product listings on the storefront of 2 different categories. I have a most popular product listing (carousel) using the Coustics Ready theme. I have added one type of product by using the "Products to display" in the "Products in Cateogry" question is...

    when I create a new most popular under Product Listings using the same coding and choosng a different category to use, the carousel layout is not working, instead it is listing the products vertically instead of horizontally and not in a carousel. Since it is on the same page (storefront) are you only able to use it one time? or am I missing something (which is probably the case)?

    Thank you in advance.

    Re: Question regarding "Most Popular" product listings

    Searched and found the answer....Thank you Matt & James!

    For anyone else that is interested, here is the link: