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GA transactions stopped since migrating to RT

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    GA transactions stopped since migrating to RT

    Oops, I belive I found the checkbox that activated transaction when entering the Point and click mode.
    Get back to you tomorrow when I can see my GA report...


    I have a slight problem with GA since I moved to Ready Theme.
    My GA code works nice, but my transactions reporting stopped. Anybody has a clue?

    How does GA work on MIVA and which page is triggering GA transactions items?
    <mvt:item name="ga_tracking" />
    <mvt:item name="ga_transaction" />
    <mvt:item name="ga_jsencode" />
    Should I choose GA-classic ga.js or Analytics.js under GA settings in MIVA.

    I have ga_tracking through the store and ga_transaktion and ga_j in the INVOICE.
    I compare with my old shop till my eyes get sore, but I cannot find any errors.

    The GA module is activated in MIVA, and naturally I have "E-commmerce set-up", and "Enhanced Ecommerce Settings" and "Enable Enchanced Ecommerce Reporting" under Dash-board turned on.
    As I said the tracking and real life works fine.

    Best wishes from Stockholm



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