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Product Image briefly displays then goes away

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    Product Image briefly displays then goes away

    I'm trying to figure out why the Product Image on the PROD Page briefly displays then disappears. This is the code in place in the Product Display Layout:

    <figure class="x-product-imagery__showcase">
    <img id="main_image" class="x-product-layout-images__image" data-hook="product-image" data-index="0" data-mini-modal data-mini-modal-content="data-hook=photo-gallery-template" data-mini-modal-type="inline" src="&mvt:product:image;" alt="&mvte:product:name;" title="&mvte:product:name;">
    The website is NOT using the Image Machine because it can't handle SVGs, instead, it is using the Legacy Images.

    Is removing the id="main_image" the only way to fix this?

    Leslie Kirk
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    Might be. Unless the image machine JS is completely disabled, it will be trying to write in the data for the image (null in this case). That is, if #main_image is what is being used to identify the resource.

    Also of course, check for JS errors in the control panel.
    Bruce Golub
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      Hi Leslie,

      I believe Bruce has the correct answer for this.
      Matt Zimmermann
      Front-End Development Director / Miva, Inc.