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Howcome most ReadyThemes are deprecated?

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    Howcome most ReadyThemes are deprecated?

    Hi all, I never kept up with the news on ReadyThemes, as the sites I manage all use their own custom designs. But looking quickly at the list on apps.miva, it looks like most are deprecated. Are these planned to be discontinued entirely, and/or replaced by something new? I probably missed an announcement somewhere..

    Miva is concentrating on the Shadows framework moving forward. Colossus was built using the framework and is expected to be updated to Shadows 2.0+ in the future. Other themes might be based on the framework as well. It isn't recommended that you use any of the deprecated themes.

    If there's a feature you like about Colossus, you can relatively easily build it into Shadows. Here's an example of a hybrid site I build semi recently:

    Long story short... If you're building a site from scratch, it's best to do so using Shadows. That way you're able to ensure that the sites you manage will always have the latest features & support.



      In addition with the impending launch of Page Builder we want to build all the go forward themes on this architecture.

      Rick Wilson
      Miva, Inc.
      [email protected]


        got it, thanks! I also found another thread from a couple of years ago announcing this, that I had missed