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Shipping and tax often display even though the BASK template has them unchecked.

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    Shipping and tax often display even though the BASK template has them unchecked.

    I have the settings to NOT display shipping and sales tax on my shipping cart BASK page.
    Basket Charges/Discounts: ___ Display Shipping Charges
    ___ Display Handling Charge
    ___ Display Sales Tax
    But in some cases, the shipping and tax DO display anyway.

    is this a bug?

    if I have gone through checkout to the point of selecting a payment, but do not finalize the checkout. Say I wander around and add more stuff to my basket.

    Now when I visit the BASK page... even though display shipping and tax are "unchecked", I am still presented with

    Shipping: UPS 2nd Day AirŪ: $16.36
    Sales Tax: $0.00

    And the odd thing.. sales tax doesn't even apply to this order at all. I don't have any sales tax setup for my shipping and billing destination states.
    And when this happens, they display in OSEL (even though they are turned off)
    but the tax does not display on OPAY

    It seems the templates are not respecting their settings.

    Is this just how miva works? or is it a bug in the Levels theme?
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    I'm not sure it is just a Levels thing, since the ReadyThemes all use the same charges loop on the basket page. You may be able to either remove the loop or put a conditional in it to only display if the charge is not shipping, handling, or tax.
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      chrome safari and firefox show it. I am starting to suspect a third party module or something I have done. I have a very vanilla levels theme in a miva developer store and it doesn't exhibit the same behavior. so I have put my changes into the BASK template. the BASK is behaving in the dev site and not showing the charges on the OCST. I will start putting in my global changes and see if something pops up. I am afraid it might be a third party module. I don't have all the same ones in the dev site as this beta site.