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  • g.theme_path

    I just updated to the new 1.04 version of Shadows in my dev store. The web icons were not showing properly. So after going around in circles, I finally found the g.theme_path was hardcoded with mm5:

    HTML Code:
    <mvt:assign name="g.theme_path" value="'/mm5/themes/shadows'" />
    I fixed it by changing the path to Merchant5 (which is my path). I then changed it to:

    HTML Code:
    <mvt:assign name="g.theme_path" value="'themes/shadows'" />
    Does it make sense to do this by default since it should then not have to be changed by users of the theme to their path?

  • It tis a bit odd, but IME, default url paths are notoriously inconsistent (meaning the work 98% of the time and then you run into some weird setup/configuration that doesn't abide.

    You SHOULD be able to use "&mvt:global:module_root_versionless;"
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    • The theme path is set based off the theme being installed with new hosting service. It is possible, as you found, that it may need to be adjusted for other installation with different directory structures.
      Matt Zimmermann
      Director of UI/UX
      / Miva, Inc.



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