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CSS for white-space--pre-wrap

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  • CSS for white-space--pre-wrap

    I have discovered that the Affiliate Link on the AFED page can make an awful mess of the layout. At first, I thought maybe I could just add the <code> in conjunction with the <pre> tag but I fumbled around with the styling. The lightbulb came on this morning when I was replying to my post regarding a Very Long Affiliate Code Link. I was trying to learn how to style the <code> to display just like using the CODE tag here in the forum. If you have ever used the CODE tag you see how it nicely scrolled left and right as needed. That is what I was trying to do.

    Long story short, it would seem that the CSS for the style class "white-space--pre-wrap" is missing. I've added this to help a little

    [CODE]pre {
    overflow-x: auto;
    white-space: pre-wrap;

    It doesn't quite achieve what I'm trying to do but it's better than having the page blown apart by a link that has a very long alt and title tag.
    Leslie Kirk
    Miva Certified Developer
    Miva Merchant Specialist since 1997
    Previously of Webs Your Way
    (aka Leslie Nord leslienord)

    Email me: [email protected]

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  • Hi Leslie,

    Yeah, that link can be problematic. I thought there was a utility class to modify the white-space, but it looks like that is something I have for the next release of Shadows. Thanks for the tip.
    Matt Zimmermann
    Director of UI/UX
    / Miva, Inc.



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