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Which file is js-main-header in?

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    Which file is js-main-header in?

    I am trying to stop the behavior of the div ID js-main-header of appending a style="display: block;" when in mobile view. It's a real oddity because it only happens when the Global Header is being pulled into a Word Press blog. You can see it here. (in mobile view) Compare it to the blog header (in mobile view) which seems to still have some sort of javascript impacting it. I removed the js-header stuck function from the scripts.js and everything seems to work okay until you go to the WordPress blog which is pulling in the Global Header and Global Footer. I even added a version number to the script.js link to make sure it was getting the updated file. I'm afraid it might be something in the plugins.js but that file has a lot of "heavy lifting" that my javascript foo isn't strong enough for.

    Many thanks!

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