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News: Study Says Retailers Unhip to Young Shoppers

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    News: Study Says Retailers Unhip to Young Shoppers

    Study Says Retailers Unhip to Young Shoppers
    Source: E-Commerce Times

    "Just as ***** bring along friends to the mall, they find ways to incorporate their friends into online research," the report said. "They use tools like 'e-mail a friend' links on retail sites, wish lists, and IM when shopping to get purchasing help from friends."

    Talking Points:
    Do you currently try to market or attract young shoppers? How many of these tactics (wish lists, email a friend, etc.) is your store currently implementing? Are you looking at adding some features in the near future?

    The biggest drawback to attracting ***** is that they want the opposite effect online when shopping as adults do...they want fun..adults want to get things done...the two are rather mutually it would depend on who you target audiance is (and no, it can't be "everyone."

    kind of a duh, but thought it needed to be said.
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      What about having two different storefronts of the same prodcuts, but targeted and presented differently for each audience? Seems like a way to target different audiences, but sell the same products. Just position them differently and add appropriate store features.