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    eMediaSales Launches

    Hi Miva Merchants,

    I'm pleased to announce that eMediaSales is now offering "by the page" search engine optimization services for Miva Merchant stores. Based on feedback from our partner designers and from store owners, we understand that it can be difficult for a new businesses to begin search engine marketing due to the monthly commitments. So we have created a set of fixed-price SEO services, several of which are specifically tailored for Miva Merchant SEO.

    Launched under our new brand,, we now offer a Miva Merchant SEO Starter Kit, SEO By The Product, and SEO By the Product Meta Data Only one-time fee services.

    James Harrell
    current: Friend of Miva
    2007-2012 eMediaSales & Viking Coders
    2005-2007 Miva Merchant
    2001-2005 Copernicus

    Re: eMediaSales Launches

    A few months ago I wrote a blog titled "Information Overload" where I defined and discussed the problem of information inflow and the resultant accelerated demands on decision making for ecommerce owners.

    There are several ways people deal with information overload that range from denial to nervous breakdowns and in the most extreme cases battle fatigue and other psychological disorders.

    There is (at least) one way to successfully manage the information flows in an ecommerce system. I call it "meta management".

    I found it very interesting that James uses the advertising slogan "delegate, don't abdicate" for his new SEO services. It's a perfect slogan for the services he's offering.

    Anyone who has setup and managed an AdWords campaign knows just how incredibly demanding the information inflows are. They'll crush the typical person and the most common response is to simply ignore much of the information as "irrelavent" and to defer "making decisions". It's just too much stress to process it all.

    The meta-management solution I proposed in my blog decreases the information overload to within a certain range. The target is to get inside the range where we are most comfortable and make our best decisions.

    The service that James is offering is an excellent example of a meta-managemet system. Without knowing the intimate details of it, it would appear to address a significant portion of information overload, especially for those ecommerce owners who have decided to ignore many information streams as "irrelevent".

    These abdications are always damaging. There is a goldmine of data available to boost your sales and ROI but you must dig it out of the massive flood of data racing through your system, analyze it somehow, and make a lot of rapid, critical decisions. This goes on forever, non-stop, in an ecommerce environment. No one can handle it successfully on their own. In a large AdWords campaign we're talking about 1,000's of pages of data per day with the attendant need to make 1000's of decisions per day.

    Google Analytics is an example of a meta management system. It condenses very large amounts of minutae into a form that's easy to use for rapid, accurate decision making. However, Analytics itself can be overwhelming when fully employed. What's needed is a higher order management system where one manages the management sytems.

    It looks like James and his crew have developed just such a meta-meta-management system. I look at the prices and I believe they're pretty good. It'd cost most store owners much more to hire someone to manage AdWords and Analytics. It only works with smaller data sets, but this is much better than no data sets!

    What I'd like to see is management of much larger keyword sets, say on the order of thousands or tens of thousands. I'd like to see temporal analyses and geo-targeted analyses. I'd like to see seasonal trendlines and the effects of rapidly changing social trends.

    But what I'd most like to see is an application using the AdWords and Analytics APIs that alters my keyword campaigns automatically to a very fine degree of detail according to an adjustable set of rules, because no person can hope to manage large data sets like that by hand. I'd like something analogous to automated computer trading in the stock market.

    Until that day arrives, Miva store owners are urged to look at these SEO/SEM products. You abdicators have no idea what you're missing! Don't you think it's about time to find out?

    James' new SEO/SEM products are a quite nice start and will certainly benefit a lot of store owners. It partially deals with information overload to a degree that it should make money for many Miva store owners.

    Any programmers interested in developing a major AdWords/Analytics application like I envision are encouraged to contact me. We have the data but Information Overload prevents us from taking advantage of it. It's just too much to handle right now.
    Steve Strickland