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Only show active products when adding items to an order in admin

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  • Only show active products when adding items to an order in admin

    Right now when you create or update an order in the admin interface, you start typing the product code, and all matches begin appearing in a list below from which you can select the item you want to add.

    The problem I have here is that the list includes both products that are inactive and variant products. Neither of these are actually items that someone is going to select to add to an order because they are either not active or not actually products. This means the user has to look through a whole bunch of inapplicable items to find the one that he or she wants. And that can be difficult at times because the product code and product name field get truncated.

    In the attached screenshot, you'll see as I start typing the product code, I get a rather long list of items to select from. The issue is that in my store only one of the items in this list is an actual active product that I can select for this box. The others are inactive products or variants.

    It would be great if this list would only display products that are currently active in the store. This would drop out inactive and variant products and make manual entry much easier, quicker, and more accurate.

    Todd Gibson
    Oliver + S | Sewing Patterns for Kids and the Whole Family