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3 Decimal Places for Cost and Weight

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  • 3 Decimal Places for Cost and Weight

    Hello Miva and Forum Members,
    I have been reading through the forum to see if there was anything that I could do to increase the number of decimal places for our product weight in the admin section. Unfortunately, it looks like this was hard coded to 2 decimal places. This is really a strange decision as we sell many very small items and this throws off our shipping pretty significantly.

    I took a look through the database and noticed that the weight field in the product table was also hard coded to 2 decimal places.

    I honestly think this is just something that was overlooked as it is a very common requirement for many places that I have worked. Even our very inexpensive previous cart software allowed many more decimal places to be entered in this field.

    For our current situation, we had to just pay a developer for Miva a bunch of money to make a custom weight field and integrate it into our site. I am still not very happy about this solution as it is a hokey workaround.

    Please consider opening up the validation on the weight field and potentially the cost field as well. Thank you,

  • scottd21 We're in the same boat. We have many small widget-type products that we buy by the gross, 1K, or even 50lbs, and then sell as single units. We've never been able to have true accuracy in regards to cost/price formulas or weights within Miva, but we've built workflows around the limitations.

    An increase in decimal places for weight would save us a bunch of time so that we're not constantly re-weighing packages that are grossly overestimated in weight.

    Is your custom weight field functionality making your package weights accurate enough to print shipping labels without having to re-weigh all your packages? I'd be interested in how it's working for you.

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    • Just wondering if you guys could convert to grams or even oz as your base unit. That would make things more accurate yet leaving the UI the same.
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      • Our company is also dealing with issues regarding to decimal places. We sell large quantities of small components (nuts, bolts, screws, etc) utilizing Miva's Volume pricing features. Because of the limited decimal places, we are unable to input true item weights, costs and even prices. Most accounting software that we have dealt with use 5 decimal places, and ultimately use banker's rounding for a final number. I find it odd (and detrimental) that Miva is unable to do this in any field (cost, weight, or price).

        This is a feature that we would really like to see developed in the future for Miva because our numbers are not accurate with the two decimal places.


        • We also deal with bulk quantities and small components selling them per piece. The number of decimal places causes an issue for cost, weight and price for volume pricing. Our accounting software and our inventory software both utilize 5 decimal places, so we find it odd that Miva cannot do the same.

          Increasing the number of decimal places to 5 as per our other business software would enable us to use true, live shipping rates and allow for more accurate volume pricing.



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