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Shipping options - Pack boxes by cubic volume

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    Shipping options - Pack boxes by cubic volume

    Really wish there was a setting to pack boxes by volume, rather than weight. I understand that with current settings Miva generates a perfect cube and sends that off to the carriers (doesn't account for the weight of the box). This may work with UPS most of the time, but it's not good enough. On the other hand pack by weight doesn't work in a lot of scenarios especially if some of your items are large and light.

    Advanced Shipping Manager has the ability to assign points to items and boxes (easily converted from a products cubic volume). I don't think a point system is necessary, it just feels like Miva is so close to having this ability. If it's already calculating the total cubic volume of the products in cart, it seems that it would make sense to assign a max cubic volume to each available box. That way, the exact dimensions of the shipping box, the weight of the items + the box weight is sent over to the carriers for a truly accurate quote.

    We have this working with ASM, we just really wish it was built in to Miva.

    When using "Pack By Cubic Volume" setting in Miva, we take the total cubic volume of the items in the cart and create a custom box to fit those dimension (the boxes you setup in Miva are ignored). You then have control over the max dimensions or volume of each box. This method will never be 100% accurate but it should get you close.


    Can you expand on what is missing from this or how you would like to see it work instead?
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      This assumes you only use one box size correct? I thought Pack by Cubic Volume adds up the volume of products in the order and sends the total volume to the carrier as one imaginary box. This would not be very accurate for orders that actually would be shipping in two boxes.