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Allow Editing of Image on the Product Images Tab

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    Allow Editing of Image on the Product Images Tab

    Most of our products just have one image in the Image Machine (Product, Images tab) and we call it Main Image.

    When we don't have a proper image for a product we use the manufacturers logo and sometimes we will get an image later.

    So we head to the Product, Images tab and see our Main Image there with the path and you can click it to open an Edit Image dialog but you can't change anything.

    You can see the path to the image that needs replacing but you can't delete or paste anything into the field (then you would Choose to save it).
    There is a Save button but since you can't change anything there is not going to be anything to save.

    The only way we can see to replace that Image is to delete it, then add it back and that is a poor economy of clicks.

    Maybe there is some reason editing is not allowed there.
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    I just counted clicks when I wanted to change one image and it takes me 10 clicks to change one image.

    Maybe I'm not doing it right.

    Think: Economy of Clicks as being important.