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    Docs need more specific data

    I could be missing something (today) Use Case:

    It appears I would like to use this function:

    <mvt:do file="g.Module_Root $ '/modules/discount/saleprice.mvc'" name="l.success" value="PriceGroupList_Load_SalePricing_Product(mod ule_id, product_id, pricegroups var)" />
    On PROD, I have the product_id parameter. The module_id parameter value exists in global cache variables. These aren't generally used in lookup functions. Plus there are multiple module_ids.

    The API description doesn't have info for which module the module_id should be.

    Suggestion: Add the module this function refers to or specify the means to look up the module_id needed to execute this function.

    The function name refers to either the discount module or the price group feature. The path to the file refers to a discount module. But, I'm not sure there is enough info to determine the module without digging through the LSK.

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