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Braintree 3D Secure and MivaPay

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    Braintree 3D Secure and MivaPay

    I'm posting this here after closing out a ticket on this issue and being told to post the issue to this forum.

    Currently Braintree is the only payment module supported by Miva that handles 3D Secure authentication. This is becoming more important as more cards issued outside the US are requiring 3D Secure authentication to complete transactions.

    In order to authenticate with 3D Secure, you need to use the Braintree iFrame. You can't use Braintree to achieve 3D Secure authentication if you process through MivaPay. If you try to do so, the transaction will authenticate if the card allows, but 3D Secure authentication will not happen. It's odd because when even setting the Braintree module to require 3D Secure, if processing through MivaPay, 3D Secure will not be called.

    My dream feature here is to have MivaPay authenticate with 3D Secure when required by the card issuer just as it is when using the Braintree iFrame.
    Todd Gibson
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