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    Wish List updates

    This is a feature we hadn't really used but we have a customer with a lot of stores who wanted an easy way to find and load up frequently used products. We already have a custom folder section for them with availability groups and I relabeled the wish list feature as a way to store their custom products. As I looked at this a couple thingss would be useful.

    1-A uri section like products have or easy friendly link thing in admin

    i.e. instead of this

    2-mvt code to easily drop in a 'copy this link' or 'share this list' on any page

    3-The ability to limit the sharing by availability group, price group, business group or similar

    4- a search feature for lists - any that are public or you have access to

    5- provide basic stats - i.e. most active lists, newest lists, lists with product X in them - as these may provide some sort of insight

    6-maybe brainstorm the layout. It might be different in the newer templates but on my aging site it is almost a background feature and truthfully I have largely ignored it for 10 years.

    Another left field idea might be to have a way to return random public lists on product or category or search pages based on some criteria - i.e. related lists, hot lists, newest lists, manager picks, essential items

    Some random thoughts.