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Request ability to sort products/images in Kit Builder

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    Request ability to sort products/images in Kit Builder

    Hello Miva, I'm new to the forum so please excuse this feature if it's already been requested.

    Once products are assigned to a kit in kit builder, there is no way to prioritize display order. The kit list (and the image carousel) sorts products in alphabetical order. When new products are added, they are automatically sorted into the existing list.

    This kit shown above will show multiple images of wires, plugs, and plastic trim before showing the radio (big-ticket item) at the very end of the carousel.
    Ideally, we would like to show the high-value products first, before displaying low-value supporting kit items.

    While we are on the subject, I'd like to see a checkbox to exclude certain images when displaying the product in a kit, but still show those images when viewing the product individually.
    For example, showing the connections at the ends of wires would be handy when viewing a wiring harness, but bloat the image carousel when shopping for a complete radio kit.