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No more assigning image types every time?

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    No more assigning image types every time?

    I would like the ability to basically remove the select one that takes place when uploading and image to a product.
    So keep the dropdown ability to change if needed but have the default be the default(main) image

    I mean in a perfect world the next image could also know that it gets the next alternate image type too but I'd settle for now not having to do it to every "main" image.
    Mark Hood
    Vermont Gear

    wish we could upvote posts.
    Bruce Golub
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      Seems fair! Noted.

      Keifer Hunniford | MIVA


        Originally posted by Bruce - PhosphorMedia View Post
        wish we could upvote posts.
        Would that tiny "Like" along the bottom near the Quote and Flag work?
        Leslie Kirk
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          To add to this, give us an option to select a default image type from any of the available image types.


          Default the rest of the additional images with no image types assigned to a generic image type of somthing like addl_img_1,addl_img_2, etc. Perhaps the Miva software can do this on the fly. Generate the image types and assign to those without image types assigned.

          image #: Image Type
          image 1: main
          image 2: full
          image 3: addl_img_1
          image 4: addl_img_2
          image 5: addl_img_3

          It would be nice to not have to manually create and assign image types to all images in order to use them in the template data feeds.
          Nick Harkins

          *Web Developer
          *Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Merchant Center, Ads