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    Miva Contract

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to hear how everyone's experiences have been with Miva. My company has been struggling nonstop with the Miva platform. Not only does our Miva store fail PCI compliance every week but, they lead us on that the backend was user-friendly. Now I have other companies that are on other platforms and I can tell you one thing, they are user-friendly. Now not only does Justin their customer success director not respond to even a simple email, but their support team takes two weeks to respond for me to terminate our contract. They just responded they would cancel it when it's supposed to end in 2023. How are everyone else's experiences going? Also, can I add that the Miva guides they provide are not even correct? Why would that be? They just don't update them with every update that comes to their site? Not only do I feel lied to by Miva, but I feel as if the only way I can recover from their outrageous fee is to hire a full-time web developer to work on the site. Which I don't think is even in the cards. If you were in our shoes what would recommend? Would you lawyer up or do what Justin their Customer support director said and take Miva classes? Thanks for all the help other Miva users! looking forward to some comments.

    A few things:

    1. An external PCI scan has nothing at all to do with PCI compliance. Our platform (MivaPay) is certified annually to be PCI Level 1 compliant. I checked with our support team and your issue on the 1 failed PCI scan we were aware of was a false positive. If you're still failing your scan, please let me know, but the instance we are aware of was not a security or PCI impacting issue.

    2. Your contract is valid through it's expiration date, we'd love for you to use the product and like most of our clients become a VERY long term client, but if you choose to not launch or stop using it early, we will enforce our contracts (think of it like a lease on a building, your landlord doesn't care if you use the space or not)

    3. Yes some videos/docs are of the last gen admin, our product has 1000's of pages of documentation and it's a heavy lift when we update the admin to redo all of it. We're in the middle of that project as we speak, however that ghouls I no way prevent you from learning the product, between Justin and our Customer Success team as well as our TAC Support team we're here to support you.

    Finally we're not some huge faceless company, we're 150 people here in the US (largely in San Diego, but spread over 30 states) and you'll find that we have very happy customers who tend to last for longer than a decade on average.

    While I don't know your specific needs, the thought of you needing a full time developer for more than a month or two is likely incorrect. Yes an initial build generally requires anywhere from 50 - 1000 hours depending on the complexity but once it's done most customers need little if any web development help., I HIGHLY encourage you to follow Justin's instructions and work with us. You'll be happy you did.

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]


      Miva Professional Developer here (so obviously, some bias).
      #1 Bad form IMO to air contractual disagreements in public. Bad as in, your probably hurting your case more than helping.
      #2 I defy most people to start a Professional Level (and therefore successful) business endevor without professional help. 1000s of commercials aside, its just not really doable, especially these days on the web where you compete with so many businesses that ARE engaging professional assistance. Everything from a lawyer to look over contracts (instead of your uncle Bob who used to work in accounting) to painters and carpenters who build out your storefront.
      #3 Yea, you are right on the docs...but that burden actually falls on Miva Support AND its community like these forums. (and let me note, there is not a SINGLE more useful and helpful forum ANYWARE period. I am always dismayed in other forums where 90% of every post isn't even answered.
      Bruce Golub
      Phosphor Media - "Your Success is our Business"

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        Small business owners make the mistake of thinking they're experts at everything. Were that the case, people like me, et al, wouldn't need to exist. Sorry, but this sounds more like a way to excuse oneself versus resolve any problems. Plus, the grass always seems greener when you aren't mowing it. Best of luck - but the next "lawn" you choose won't be bereft of weeds, either.


          We have been with Miva for over 20 years, like all relationships none of them are perfect (especially me), but Miva is darn near close, there has never been a problem Miva was not willing to resolve. I have never dealt with a company more customer focus oriented than Miva, not Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, etc... nobody, comes even close.
          Thank you, Bill Davis