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Miva Merchant 9.0003 Is Now Available

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    Miva Merchant 9.0003 Is Now Available

    Miva Merchant 9.0003 Release Notes

    Miva Merchant 9.0003 Template Changes are available here:

    New Features


    New not_image feature allows modules to be notified when images are registered and deleted. Functions:
    • Module_Notify_Image_Insert( module var, image var )
    • Module_Notify_Image_Delete( module var, image var )


    New not_giftcert feature allows modules to be notified when gift certificates are created or redeemed. Functions:
    • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Created( module var, giftcertificate var )
    • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Updated( module var, giftcertificate var )
    • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Deleted( module var, giftcertificate var )
    • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Redeemed( module var, customer var, giftcertificate var )


    New payment feature functions for API version 9.03 or higher:
    • PaymentModule_Capabilities( module var, capabilities var )
    • PaymentModule_Runtime_SplitPayment_Prepare( module var, module_data, total, split_payment_data var )
    • PaymentModule_Runtime_SplitPayment_Authorize( module var, module_data, total, split_payment_data var )
    • PaymentModule_Runtime_SplitPayment_Rollback( module var, module_data, total, split_payment_data var )

    Other API Changes

    • The not_xxx module features now support a Module_Notify_xxx_Update function, which is called when one of the specified items (categories, products, customers, etc.) are updated.

    Admin Changes

    • Implemented feature request for enhanced display order editing. Users can now do the following:
      • Select one or more records and:
        • Move to top
        • Move to bottom
        • Move to specific position
        • Sort records by sortable columns ascending
        • Sort records by sortable columns descending
        • Edit display order numerically (previous functionality)

    • A new "Find in List" search method has been added for most batch lists, which does not change the displayed contents of a list, but instead allows the user to jump from matched record to matched record.
    • Batch lists now load only visible custom fields. This should dramatically improve performance on stores with large numbers of custom fields.
    • Added support for developer and reserved seat user licenses for the administrative interface
    • Preview thumbnails are now displayed on the Edit Product/Images tab
    • Advanced search now supports "in (comma separated list)" and "not in (comma separated list)" search types
    • Users may now configure the number of records loaded per call for batch lists
    • Batch lists now display the total number of records, which records are visible, and which records are selected or in edit mode
    • Batch list scrolling performance has been improved for MacOS users using a trackpad

    Other Changes

    • Shipping Method Rules now allow a shipping method to be excluded when the shipping address is a PO box
    • UPS, FedEx and Canada Post now apply default shipping method rules that exclude shipment to PO boxes where appropriate (for new installs only)
    • Basket components now support a new "total_weight" token that contains the weight of all items in the basket
    • New customer credit mechanism
    • Shoppers may pay for all or part of their order using accrued customer credit
    • Gift certificate support
    • Gift certificates may be imported, manually created from admin, or created automatically when a shopper purchases certain products
    • The Template Based Emails module supports delivery of gift certificate codes via email
    • Gift certificates are redeemed for customer credit
    • Implemented split payment support for the runtime shopping interface. Currently only the Customer Credit payment module permits partial payments, but it can be combined with any other payment module.
    • A summary of payment transactions may now be displayed for invoices, customer order history and order notification emails
    • Multiple products may now be added to the basket in a single form submission, using action ADPM
    • The Google Analytics module now supports Ecommerce conversion tracking in Universal (analytics.js) mode without enabling Enhanced Ecommerce tracking
    • The MMUI css_fw framework has been deprecated and is no longer supported or distributed
    • Saved frameworks now register themselves as the "default" framework when applied to a store

    Bugs Fixed

    16206: Administrative Interface: Add a not_image feature
    17145: Discounting Subsystem: Basket Discount Totals are retained even if a price group applies a $0.00 discount
    17351: Module: variantimport: SQL error when setting columns manually for product variant import.
    17449: Administrative Interface: Double clicking login can create multiple admin sessions.
    17461: Module: variantimport: Variant import should handle updating the part product information
    17478: Administrative Interface: Bookmarks should have a display order column that is only used for sorting
    17491: Administrative Interface: Order list overlay doesn't refresh when the order status changes
    17494: Import Subsystem: Import settings, preview field mapping is broken for tab delimited files.
    17495: Administrative Interface: Request support page needs to be updated to mention mm9 reference guide
    17498: Administrative Interface: Intermittent: top navigation gets store_code=(blank) after login.
    17499: Administrative Interface: Legacy Order Processing: Batches pagination is broken
    17500: Administrative Interface: Legacy order processing, batch reports do not print correctly
    17501: Administrative Interface: Legacy order processing, edit order, print page does not load correctly
    17503: Administrative Interface: The admin EULA page should be updated to look like the rest of admin
    17504: Administrative Interface: The admin user change password page should be updated to look like the rest of admin
    17507: MMBatchList: Feature Request: Display Order alterations
    17508: MMBatchList: Feature Request: Add "Jump" button to MMBatchLists
    17509: Administrative Interface: ZPL print, unable to print second label for multiple package shipments
    17527: Framework Import/Export: Framework export is appending the basehref directory to URLs that begin with //
    17528: Framework Import/Export: Framework exporting is incorrectly extracting tags in TemplateManager_Export_ExternalFiles
    17529: MMBatchList: Any time the list refreshes due to total record counts not being equal, any activity currently happening in the list gets wiped
    17530: Database Layer: sNN_BasketOptionDiscount records are not deleted when deleting expired baskets
    17535: Administrative Interface: Order List: Searching for "200" will return a status column of shipped
    17537: Module: provisioningimport: ImportModule_Raw_Import_End "module" parameter is incorrect
    17538: Module: customfields: Read_Customer_ID: "destination" parameter is incorrect
    17539: Administrative Interface: Edit Product > Categories does not respect Display Order set on the Catalog > Categories tab
    17607: MMBatchList: Chrome: Clicking on the scrollbar track in MMBatchlist causes the list to scroll multiple pages instead of a single page
    17616: Inventory Subsystem: Catalog > Inventory: "Hide Out of Stock Products" does not show active state
    17624: Administrative Interface: Google Plus icon needs to be added to PACKING.lst
    17625: Module: productimport: Product import errors when multiple custom fields have the same code
    17633: Module: templateorderemails: Shipment shipped email should use the "display as" value of a shipping method name
    17646: Module: mvga: Google Analytics: Add transaction tracking to the Universal mode
    17650: Module: discount_shipping_basket: Basket Shipping discount is duplicated when combined with an alternate shipping "display as" name
    17652: Module: paypaladv: Paypaladv does not handle legacy authorizations correctly.
    17780: MMBatchList: Feature Request: Add "Record Count" display to lists
    17786: Upsale: Advanced Search: Searching for upsell price will not return correct results if the record upsell price is product cost
    17787: Module: discount_shipping_basket: discount_shipping_basket does not properly handle shipping methods with [] in the name.
    17788: Module: discount_shipping_product: discount_shipping_product does not properly handle shipping methods with [] in the name.
    17803: Module: discount_buyxgety: buyxgety returns a runtime error on the prod page when sale price is displayed.
    17806: Module: mvga: Google Analytics: We be should be sending the page code as a third parameter to pageview
    17809: Administrative Interface: Session invalidation actions are not logged to the administrative activity log
    17812: Module: baskinv: Module states it implements the provision_store feature, required API functions missing
    17814: Module: shipimport: The module states it has the persistent provision feature, but is missing the required API function ImportModule_Persistent_Provision
    17816: Administrative Interface: MMBatchListDialog CSS should be more specific to avoid being overridden by modules
    17825: MMBatchList: Feature Request: Add an "Items per page" setting to allow for custom mmbatchlist_count values
    17827: MMUI css_fw: Remove MMUI CSS Framework
    17832: Utility Library: Maximum concurrent sessions is set to 0 when a license is invalid or the license manager can not be contacted
    17834: Price Groups: JSON_Coupon_Generate: If the first Coupon_Generate_Code call does not produce a unique code, it will NEVER produce a unique code
    17835: Price Groups: JSON_Coupon_Generate_Customers: If the first Coupon_Generate_Code call does not produce a unique code, it will NEVER produce a unique code
    17838: Module: templateorderemails: Include templates/email-customer-created.mvt in the MMLSK-PACKING.lst file
    17841: Administrative Interface: CSV export of the shipments batchlist does not export order total information
    17842: Module: templateorderemails: Email_Update provisioning tag is clearing out original values
    17844: Administrative Interface: orderitem_update_pricing does not use an index and it should
    17845: Availability Groups: Edit Availability Groups, Categories and Customers buttons have there permissions swapped.
    17846: Core Runtime: After logging in to a customer and having your session expire, you can still reach account pages even though you are "logged out"
    17857: Administrative Interface: Selected tab should be marked as active when the tab is within the mm9_screen_tab_more list.
    17859: Administrative Interface: Edit product inventory tab should not be present when inventory is not active
    17860: Framework Import/Export: When applying a framework the framework field in the store record is not updated with the new framework code
    17862: Module: endicialabels: Endicia "legacy" test server will no longer work after April 6, 2015
    17871: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: Basket item shows strike-through even if there is no discount when using "Display Discounted Line Items Separately" in conjunction with "Retail Price"
    17872: Module: cmp-mmui-basket: Basket item shows strike-through even if there is no discount when using "Display Discounted Line Items Separately" in conjunction with "Retail Price"
    17874: Administrative Interface: Order Processing: Authorize dialog does not scrape radio input fields
    17877: Administrative Interface: Selected tab indicator gets set prior to SetModified confirmation dialog being displayed
    17879: Discounting Subsystem: Coupons: Max Use (Per Shopper) is not respected for values greater then one.
    18044: Module: endicialabels: Upgrading from 9.2 to 9.3 breaks the module if in Test mode
    18055: Template Subsystem: Template import calls encodeentities on item name and param values
    18058: Module: qbms: Intuit merchant services does not handle partial captures or refunds correctly
    18071: Template Subsystem: Invalid syntax is output when missing a space before closing tag
    18077: Discounting Subsystem: Shipping method list/recalculation from admin does not honor the discounts applied to the order
    18079: Module: statetax: Negative sales tax amounts should never be permitted
    18080: Module: shoptax: Negative sales tax amounts should never be permitted
    18081: Administrative Interface: A refresh of the top navigation should happen when a module is set to active or deactivated
    18124: MMBatchList: Mmbatchlist Inline adding of options does not redraw shifted rows correctly
    18128: Availability Groups: Availability Group List should not show the edit button when the user only has view privileges
    18131: Availability Groups: Availability Groups List: Default sort should be 'name' not 'id'
    18189: Module: variantimport: Variant import create part product does not set the cancat_id and page_id correctly
    18192: Module: variantimport: Variant import part products do not get assigned to categories by header CATEGORY_CODES
    18194: Administrative Interface: Edit Product, Attributes, advanced search, The "does not contain" search for attribute code always returns all records.
    18210: Administrative Interface: Lockout screen cuts off IPv6 addresses
    18211: Upsale: Upsale MMBatchlist: Double clicking a record takes you to the edit upsale product screen

    Rick Wilson
    Miva, Inc.
    [email protected]