Greetings MIVA Community Members,

I?d like to take a moment and welcome you all to our new MIVA Community Forums.

I know that many of you are accustomed to the old listserv user groups and that it may take some time to get adjusted to these new forums. Back in my days with Copernicus, I was a regular contributor to those groups and have a lot of fond memories of rambling topics, cross-posting, and strange OT threads. But in the same breath, I am very excited for the new potential these forums bring to our community.

The new MIVA Community Forums will help us provide a higher level of support and communication. It is our goal to become much more involved with the community than we have in recent years. With these new forums, we will be able to bring the entire MIVA Community closer together and reach out to new members more easily. And by the looks of the activity we have already, these forums will be a tremendous success. After less than one week of being online, our forums already have over 300 registered members!

So, I hope you all enjoy the MIVA Community Forums. And I?m excited to see you all in person at this year?s MIVA Conference.